Inclusive Sports: Snozone

Snozone Logo - A green dome with Snozone in black bold font below. The words Ski, Board, Eat, Enjoy are in green font below.

Snozone offer ski and snowboarding lessons, family sledging and even tubing for the more adventurous (currently only offered in the Madrid location) as well as team building/group events and school holiday camps.

But, the most wonderful part of Snozone, is their dedication to making the sport inclusive for everyone.

Alongside their partners Disability Confident UK and Sense, Snozone run disability snow-sports sessions with experienced, qualified coaches who teach skiing and snowboarding using a range of adaptive equipment such as sit-skis, stand up riggers as well as all standard ski equipment. Their coaches train from beginners to national team members.

A woman in a green sit-ski pushed by her instructor down the indoor ski slope. They are both wearing warm green and black ski-wear and helmets.

A sit-ski is a sled used by a skier with paraplegia, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, or cerebral palsy. It is made from fiberglass and it is mostly used for para-Nordic skiing and para-alpine skiing. If the sit-ski has one ski it is called a mono-ski. Stand up riggers are also used to aid amputees or guests with body coordination or mobility challenges.

Snozone cater to a long list of various mobility issues, such as amputees, autism, brain injuries, Downs Syndrome, hemiplegia, paraplegia, Parkinson’s Disease, Rett Syndrome as well as the blind. But of course, it is always advised to call ahead to discuss your requirements with their team before making an booking. 

To learn more about Snozone, you can visit their website or social media on the links below:





Or call their phone line on 0333 003 0520 from the UK or email via their contact form by clicking HERE.

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