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After such a long time spent in strict quarantine and life finally returning to its pre-Covid ways, we wanted to highlight one of our favourite inclusive restaurants in London and around the world.

Dans Le Noir is a vegan and vegetarian friendly, restaurant with branches located worldwide (see list below for more details). It opened in 2006 after successfully launching its first venue in Paris.

But what sets this unusual gourmet restaurant apart? It staffed by a highly skilled team of visually impaired waiters, and your meal is eaten in complete darkness.

A vegetable dish from the menu on a black plate, which sits on a black table.


The proprietors' aim to encourage diners to explore their other four senses, as well as raising empathy in a "sensory, social and human experience". Diners choose from a selection of pre-set menus, including one mystery menu. All of which have been designed by a Michelin-star chef. The food is delectable!

It does get noisy. Waiters announce their presence as they carry plates of food by shouting. Customers often get loud with the loss of one of their senses, they often shout for service, unaware of how vocal they are being!

It should be noted that some customers can be quite overwhelmed. With no phones or lights allowed it is easy to lose complete track of time. But the friendly and talented team of staff are always on hand to help and support.

It is a humanising experience, owing to the skill of the visually impaired waiters. It certainly raises awareness of some of the day to day issues that are encountered by the blind community. The workforce of Dans le Noir is currently circa 50% visually impaired.

You can learn more about the restaurant, their menus and team building events by clicking on the following links at any of the listed locations locations:

Auckland, New Zealand

Bordeaux, France

Brussels, Belgium

Cairo, Egypt

London, UK

Madrid, Spain

Nantes, France

Paris, France

Strasbourg, France

Toulouse, France

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