Real LIfe Stories: Raiché Mederick - Burn Survivor

A beautiful black woman sitting in front of a vintage dressing table. Her long brown hair in waves tumbles over her shoulders.


At 18 months old, Raiché survived 70% burns after a house fire. She was rushed to hospital in a life and death situation surrounded by her closest family. 


Recovery is an ongoing challenge and definitely has not been easy, with the young Raiché having to be wrapped full body bandages to help her scars recover. During her healing process she was only able to be mobile with the use of a wheelchair, and was required to wear special "wet suits" to protect her delicate skin and she suffered intense itching from the scarring as it healed.


The fire left Raiché with visible scarring on her face and body, as well as some amputated finger tips and toes and a loss of balance, sensation, grip and hair. Because scars don’t grow with you as your body grows, Raiché has also needed to have several surgeries to allow her skin to stretch.


“As a child with burns you know you look different, but you don’t quite understand the impact you have on others.” she said.


Raiché has said of her experience working with Adaptista “Adaptista is a progressive start-up brand which has produced a stage for a Black British female burns survivor who is powerful, sexy and confident in a challenging world . It’s an exciting, heart warming platform that was always needed to bridge the gap to make fashion accessible for every body! I can’t wait to see where they go from here.”


Raiché is an ambassador for The Scar Free Foundation UK, an incredible organisation whose mission is to achieve scar free healing for those who experience burns. Established in 1999, the organisation has overseen a £50 million programme of life-changing medical research. The Scar Free Foundation works with leading clinicians and researchers in world-class institutions across the UK to achieve their aim of scar free healing.


You can learn more about the organisation here.

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