• In 2019, Founder Maria was searching for her perfect wedding dress. A disabled woman with limited mobility, Maria found it near impossible to find a suitable dress, and what should have been a joyous experience soon became problematic to say the least. Comfortable, easy closure dresses were few and far between.

    On the wedding day Maria needed help with her dress from her wonderful bridesmaids throughout her big day and eventually resorted to changing into a completely different outfit. It made a real impact on the enjoyment of the celebrations.

    Determined to prevent this from happening to others in a similar situation, Maria returned to study fashion design, pattern cutting and garment technology and soon realised that few great accessible designs weren't enough. This is how Adaptista was born.

    Disabled, chronically ill and mobility restricted people deserve a shopping destination which is designed and created with their needs and desires at the centre of the entire experience.

    Curating a thoughtful, inclusive and authentic collection of fashion, beauty and lifestyle products was just the beginning. Giving a platform to amazing inclusive and forward thinking brands who want to empower people was yet another focus.

    However, it is being the voice in the retail industry for our beautiful community is what ultimately inspires and drives us every single day.

    We have a beautiful vision of the future, where our platform will no longer be necessary because all products, all shopping destinations, the whole world will finally be accessible.

    Let's make it happen together.

A man with short dark hair and a white t-shirt jumps into his friend's arms with a playful gesture. His laughter is heartfelt. Their friend can only be seen from behind, they have an undercut hairstyle, and they wear a black tee that reads No homophobia, no violence, no sexism, yes kindness, yes peace, yes equality, yes love. They are in a park on a sunny day.
Two women stand close to each other, leaning into each other for comfort. They both have blonde hair and black vest tops. A dark pair of glasses is worn by one person.
  • Joy

    We like to have fun, and through fun we find innovative solutions. The best way to change the world is through a sense of joy and childlike inquisitive wonder. Everyone likes to laugh and have fun, and we encourage that through kind and non judgmental humour in our work.

  • Impact

    We aim to make the world more inclusive by encouraging brands to consider and implement inclusive design. From their websites and language, through to products and advertising. Promoting brands that currently adopt inclusive design, and encouraging them to explore further - creating real and meaningful difference for people living with disabilities and long term illness

  • People

    We focus on what connects us, our similarities, our loves, our fears our celebrations. We foster intimate and genuine connections between people and brands, bridging a gap between the consumers and the creators. We are a community where everyone belongs and everyone is accepted.

  • Courage

    We challenge the status quo; we strive to be the first; we ask tough questions; we are always working on being the best version of ourselves; we encourage our customers and brands to be courageous and their best self

  • Connection

    We focus on what connects us all, what makes us similar not different; we foster intimate, deep and genuine connections between people; we bridge the gap; we are a community where everyone belongs and is accepted

  • Transparency

    With everything we do and for the products we offer, Adaptista aims to be easily accessible to everyone. We are authentic and honest and we encourage transparency from all organisations in terms of diversity and inclusivity