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Braille Pendant Necklace with Letter Detail

Braille Pendant Necklace with Letter Detail

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Designed by father-daughter duo Davies and Daughter, this inclusive braille pendant necklace is beautifully handcrafted from sterling silver. 

A raised braille letter of your choice is added to the pendant, making it the perfect gift for anyone of any age or gender!

Please add the initial letter of your choice to the text box above.
You can choose between a chain length of 18 inch or 24 inch for this pendant. 
For easy dressing, we recommend the 24 inch chain because it can be passed easily over the head while closed. 

Hook and eye closures are used to avoid fiddly clasps.

Sterling Silver

We recomend the 24 inch chain to anyone with dexterity issues to allow it to be passed over the head easily. This beautiful necklace is not only inclusive but easy to wear! Hook and eye closure option can be added for easy closing

18 inch or 24 inch chain

To remove dirt, washing up liquid and a soft bristled brush may be used. To polish use a metal polish recommended for silver or a soft polishing cloth. As all items are sterling silver, there is no need to remove jewellery when sleeping or bathing. This is personal preference.

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