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DISCULPA QUE NO ME LEVANTE Limited Edition T-shirt

DISCULPA QUE NO ME LEVANTE Limited Edition T-shirt

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FREE FORM STYLE has collaborated with Spanish fashion designer OSCAR LEON to give their tailored inclusive and adaptive t-shirts a Limited Edition new twist!

These tees have a hand-painted design, signed by the artist on high quality, 100% hypoallergenic organic cotton fabric and are suitable for all skin types

A pop button side opening on either the left or right allows for easy dressing for anyone who has with reduced arm mobility. The pop buttons are designed with comfort in mind to ensure that they do not rub against the skin, allowing everyone to wear it in comfort and style.

The back is 11 centimeters longer than at the front making sure your back is always covered and comfortable when sitting down. Most importantly, this clever design means that the t-shirt does not ride up on the back and there is no excess fabric on the front.

The feminine version has a round hem at the back, and the masculine version has a straight hem at the back.

The labels are designed to be as comfortable as possible for those with sensory requirements. The inside logo is screen-printed and the exterior label is placed at the bottom hem of the tee.

This clever design is ideal for wheelchair users and even for bicycle lovers!

Free Form Style are responsible with their manufacturing, and do not use any fabric derived from petroleum. They follow the Spanish Zero Kilometer Policy, which supports the local Spanish textile industry.

WIDTH 51cm  _ 52cm 53cm
LENGTH 55cm 57cm 60cm

100% Hypoallergenic Cotton

Full side opening with snap buttons allows easy dressing, as well as easy access to feeding tubes and ports. It provides access for medical examinations and the side access allows more freedom when changing stoma bags. The longer back allows more comfort for wheelchair users.

UK and Europe Sizing

Wash at 20 Degrees. Do not Dry Clean. Do not tumble dry. Iron inside-out.

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