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Feast Your Eyes Collection - 6 Piece Brush Kit

Feast Your Eyes Collection - 6 Piece Brush Kit

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You can create your favorite looks with this set of 6 eye brushes that will let you let your imagination fly.

We manufacture our brushes using recycled plastic and a super soft synthetic fibre that is certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA. Each of these brushes features braille and a raised numerical system for easy identification.

This brush can be used in powder, cream, liquid or gel products, and our handle is easy to hold for the most comfortable application.

You will never have to worry about the brushes rolling away either!

Proceeds from all sales go towards our charity Kohl Kares. This charity provides free workshops for a variety of communities ranging from transgender and cancer care support, as well as those with motor and visual disabilities.

Up-cycled Plastic

These brushes have braille and a raised numerical system you can use to identify each individual one. The handle is easy to hold providing you with the most comfortable application.The brushes will never roll away either! The fibres are synthetic and designed with sensitive skin in mind.

Each brush is approximately 16cm in length

Kohl Kreatives brushes are designed to stay fresher for longer, however you must still clean them. As cleaners we recommend professional brush soaps and mild hair shampoos. After cleaning, gently reshape your brush and let it dry face down, avoid submerging the whole head of the brush under water.

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