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ICON Blue Crossover Post Surgery Bra

ICON Blue Crossover Post Surgery Bra

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Post-surgery lingerie that boosts your confidence. With a beautiful, soft post-mastectomy bra like the ICON, what's not to love?

·       No underwires

·       Softness that won't irritate scars

·       Pocketed cups

·       High quality, sustainable material

·       Ethically made in London

The ICON features a crossover front and subtle darts to give it a smooth, close-fitting profile. With delicate gold metal clasps and delicate lace embellishments, this post surgery bra stands out... and she's gorgeous!

This beautiful colour combination of blue and blush pink never fails to make us smile. Matches the IDOL blue Brazilian knickers or the SIREN blue high waist thong.

It is important to note that our bras can feel tight against the rib cage due to the super supportive underbands we use. Our recommendation is to size up if you prefer a looser fit. 

Measuring for the correct size:

  1. Wear a non-padded bra and stand naturally in front of a mirror.

  2. Underbust and back measurements should be taken first. Measure your underbust with a measuring tape (around your rib cage and back) just below your boobs. Ensure that the measuring tape is straight and snug around your back. A firm measurement is important (because tape measures do not stretch, but bras do!). Write down the measurement in inches.

  3. To determine your bra size. In cases where the underbust measurement is an even number, add 4 inches.  Underbust measurements that are odd should be increased by 5 inches. 

  4. (For example: If your underbust measurement is 29 inches, add 5 inches, and you will have a bra size of 34. If your underbust measures 32 inches, add 4 inches, and you will have a bra size of 36.)

  5. Measure the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the measuring tape is snug and straight around the fullest part of your bust. Measure your natural breasts if you wear a breast form.

  6. Slowly loosen the tape measure. Write down the measurement at the point where the tape measure just begins to slip down.

  7. Your cup size is determined by the difference between your first underbust measurement (measured in point 2) and your fullest bust measurement (measured in point 6).

Difference (inches)

Cup size



















Using the example above, if your underbust measurement is 29" and your bust measurement is 38", your bra size is 34DD.

Polyester Outer. Cotton Gusset.

Mastectomy Post Surgery Bra. No underwires. Softness that won't irritate scars. Pocketed cups.

UK and European Sizing

Bras from Valiant Lingerie should be hand washed. To remove stains, use gentle soap / laundry detergent and water (you may want to use a detergent made for delicates). Swish your lingerie gently to remove dirt and stains. Let your lingerie soak for a few minutes. Rinse your lingerie only if your detergent requires it - many delicate formulas don't require it). Dry flat after removing from the water, patting dry and gently pressing to remove excess water using a clean, dry towel. Do not machine wash.

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