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Mi Fan Brush

Mi Fan Brush

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Meet Mi Fan!Mi Fan - or 米飯 is cooked rice in Chinese.This brush is entirely made of processed rice husk, which makes it sustainable on a new level.

The fan brush, is perfect for that subtle dust of glow-y highlighter, an application of that skincare mask, or even to sweep away your make-up baking.

Rice Based Synthetic Material

Mi Fan is accessible via it's raised QR code leading to our audio guide, and its chopstick handle means it will never roll away and will be easy to hold. The fibres are synthetic and designed with sensitive skin in mind.

The brush is approximately 17cm in length.

Kohl Kreatives brushes are designed to stay fresher for longer, however you must still clean them. As cleaners we recommend professional brush soaps and mild hair shampoos. After cleaning, gently reshape your brush and let it dry face down, avoid submerging the whole head of the brush under water.

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