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Triple Banded Ring

Triple Banded Ring

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Designed and handcrafted by father and daughter duo Davies & Daughter, this ring features a triple band of sterling silver. 
This triple banded ring (also known as a Russian ring) fits on the finger with all three bands able to move independently over and under each other. 
Not only is this ring inclusive, but it is also stylish and discreet.

The ring is only available in standard ring sizing. If you are not sure which size you are, please order a ring sizer from our store.

Sterling Silver

This ring will keep your fingers busy on long calls or at times of stress.

This is a sized ring. If you do not know your ring size, please order a ring sizer from our store.

To remove dirt, washing up liquid and a soft bristled brush may be used. To polish use a metal polish recommended for silver or a soft polishing cloth. As all items are sterling silver, there is no need to remove jewellery when sleeping or bathing. This is personal preference.

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